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Name SpellForce 3 - x2 Patch V1.17 - V1.18 [GOG] [EXE]
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Patch 1.18 (19 December 2017)


Fixed some possible issues when trying to connect to a multiplayer session over the internet
Fixed load menu closing when trying to scroll via the scrollbar
Fixed being able to enter Unknown Island before having any RTS faction unlocked. If you are currently on Unknown Island without an RTS faction, you will be teleported away upon loading your savegame (don't worry, your progress on the map won't be lost)

Patch 1.17 (18 December 2017)


Difficulty of Enemy AI on Windwall Foothills reduced


Fixed several issues concerning savegames and map transitions in co-op play
Ring "Thrill of the Duel" now correctly reduces your cooldowns
Fixed an issue that would cause The Lightbringer to not die on Windwall Foothills
Fixed a potential issue that would cause the player not being able to find Clara Farlorn after "The Refugees"-quest
Fixed another issue with Undergast's "The World Within" questline. It should now be possible to talk to him in the creators guild even if the savegame was bugged previously.
Fixed wrong formation behavior when giving move command to same position repeatedly
"Elen's High Priest Robe" and "Channeling Robe" now give the correct boni
Fixed a potential issue that would prevent progress in Qirr's Quest.
Reworked quest steps for "Corrupted Hearts" quest (collecting shards). This should fix some issues with the quest flow and allow players stuck here to advance properly.
Fixed an issue that would allow players to advance in "The Prodigal Son"-quest without having it enabled
Fixed plotstoppers on Foot of Barga Gor and The Eye

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