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Name SpellForce 3 - x2 Patch V1.14 - V1.15 [GOG] [EXE]
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Patch 1.15 (16 December 2017)


Added notification once a companion has gained access to their signature ability


Lots fixes and improvements for all companion quests and accompanying dialogues
Fixed another NPC that potentially could have gone missing on The Golden Road

Patch 1.14 (15 December 2017)


A certain trader will now appear in Everlight after he has been rescued
When not siding with hunters in "Legacy of Destruction", player will now be able to attack them
Enabled "Form Squad" button


Fixed another Undergast dialogue issue (The World Within)
Fixed active hero abilities resetting after loading a game
Fixed hero stats sometimes not updating correctly on item swap
Fixed unreachable chests on Mulandir & The Golden Road
Fixed hide helmets option not working for companions in some cases
Fixed weapon "Firewielder's Legacy" damage not scaling correctly
Fixed an issue with "The Legacy of Destruction" caused by the player leaving in the middle of a dialogue
Fixed several potential issues in dialogues which could break if the player had the wrong party members
Fixed an issue that did not move player out of the RTS in the foot of barga gor map
Fixed some missing quest markers
Fixed potential dialogue issues in Farlorn's Hope
Fixed potential crash when applying a blueprint that reduces construction costs for a building upgrade


Campaign: Artefact enemies slightly stronger, some ability changes, XP gain balanced
Campaign: Increased health of late game creeps
Campaign: Reduced cast time of Undead Tormented Mage

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