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Deadly Affairs
When a distinguished Navy doctor and his wife are founded stabbed inside their San Diego home, police launch a hunt for a brutal killer. The attack leaves the doctor dead, and his wife clinging to life.

Psycho Shooter
In 2011, a lone gunman sets off on a killing spree at an Arizona shopping center. His target a prominent Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. After killing six and wounding thirteen, police capture a disturbed, twenty-two-year-old suspect.

Killers by Blood
When a beloved grandfather goes missing in rural Utah, investigators begin a multi-state search for him. What starts as a simple missing persons case becomes a complex crime of kidnapping and a shocking murder.

Texas Teen Love Triangle
A beautiful high school girl goes missing in the middle of the night without a trace. When her body is found, the entire community of Mansfield, Texas is in shock. Rumors buzz around the high school that a killer is walking the halls.

Pickaxe Murders
Houston, Texas is rocked by a grisly crime scene- a man whose head is practically hammered off his body and a semi-nude woman riddled with pick ax wounds.

Fast Food Massacre
A Wendy's restaurant in Queens, New York is hit by a pair of robbers just before closing time. The robbery escalates as the pair slaughter five employees, while leaving another two for dead.

Speed Freak Killers
A drug-fueled, killing spree terrorizes a small California town. Police believe they are dealing with a serial killer who lives quietly among them. They are shocked to discover not one but two childhood friends.

Mysogynist Murderer
In a small Australian town, residents start finding bodies of dead women in rural locations. The killer leaves behind strange marks on the victims that seem to be made with a homemade knife.

Southside Slayer
Los Angeles is a dangerous city in 1986 with over a 1,000 homicides reported and many going unsolved. Police find the bodies of more than 50 African-American women dumped into the trash.

South African Strangler
A police reservist stumbles across a mass grave of women just outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. The investigation leads to the leader of a child advocacy group who lures dozens of women with the promise of a job helping kids.

Camden Ripper
A homeless man finds bloody, body parts in a North London dumpster. Police soon find more and realize they have a killer in the neighborhood. The investigation stalls until a suspect's door is left slightly ajar revealing weapons.

Cosa Nostra Killer
For decades, Italy is in fear from a Mafia hit man known as "Ice Eyes." He is an emotionless killer and the authorities can do nothing to stop him. However, claiming 80 murders he is betrayed while planning the mob's most daring hit ever.

Bound to Die
Nineteen year-old Elizabeth Marriott goes missing. The investigation leads to Kat McDonough who claims that Marriott died during rough sex but she admitted to authorities that she offered Marriott to her dominant boyfriend, Seth Mazzaglia.